Weapons training DVDs



S9 51 minutes - Hidden Weapons Shuriken Techniques
Description: How to use Shuko, Kyoketsu Shoge, Bo-Shuriken
Kakushi, Kanide and Kusarifundo
Kakushi Buki (Hidden Weapons) Sokutoki, Senban-Shuriken
Real techniques using hidden weapons, and the ramainder of the footage of the Takamatsu Taikai that focused on the use of small and hidden weapons (not included in Budo of Elegance due to space).  Price: AUD$79




S2 - 90min  Ken, Tachi, Katana
Detailing both the history and usage of the Japanese sword in a way not seen in modern budo. Hatsumi Soke once again shows the strength of Bujinkan kenjutsu in a manner most effective you can almost feel the hits he gives his senior Shihan. Supplemented by over 20 minutes of Hatsumi Soke classes on swordsmanship. 
 Price: AUD$79


S8  60 minutes - Mutodori
Detailed explanation of the methods of unarmed against an opponent armed with a sword. The katas are systematically taught and then dissected to show the finer points and the taijustu needed to be succesful at such odds.
TAKAGIYOSHIN RYU DAISHO SABAKIGATA: Tsukakudaki, Hikidori, Iridori, Rangaku, Tedori, Ryukoku, Shiogaeshi, Keraku, Oradome, Oto, Kuramanage, Yotsushuto, Ninketsu, Sukashidori MUTO-DORI:
Katateochi, Chinto, Ushirodori, Hiraichimonji, Seigan, Tsukakuzushi, Matsubaotoshi  Price: AUD$79



S1 71 minutes - Naginata, Nagamaki, Bisento
Description: An amazing introduction to these traditional long weapons with five kamae and 17 techniques explained in detail. Some of Japan's top Shihan demonstrate their prowess and then Hatsumi Soke carries on from there in such a way that both beginner and advanced students (even the Shihan) will learn the real-life methods for using these weapons. Supplemented by over 20 minutes of footage from Hatsumi Soke's classes in Japan for these weapons.
            Price: AUD$79


S3 80 minutes -  Rokushaku Bojutsu
The first of Hatsumi Soke's videos on the rokushakubo (6 foot staff) versus sword or staff. Also features over 20 minutes footage of jo (4 foot staff) taken from his regular classes in Japan. A fantastic reference for anybody interested in rokushaku-bo or jo.

Price: AUD$79


S6 60min - Sojutsu Yari
Spear fighting demonstrated by Soke and some of the Japanese Shihan. Technical aspects of spear fighting and how to incorporate taijutsu to make them effective.  Price: AUD$79



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