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Focus Pads

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Kick Shields

Kick Pads

Punching Bags

Throw & Grapple Bag

Upper Cut Bag

Bag Wall Mounted

Skipping Ropes

Angle Weights

Hand Grips

Finger Grips

Floor-Ceiling Balls/Accessories

Speed Balls/Accessories

Wall Bags

Makiwara Boards

Re-breakable Boards

Leg Stretchers

Training Partner

Wall Mounted Pad

Wood Dummy

Jigsaw Mats

Leather/Rubber Medicine Ball

Kettle Bell









5 Lbs Set 


10 Lbs Set 






5 Lbs Set 


10 Lbs Set 




  Strength Builders


Hand Grip 


$10 pair



  eagle catcher


 Strengthen Fingers 





eva jigsaw Mats


size 60cm Length x 60 Width x 1cm thick


$26 for 4 mats



Jigsaw Mats


Available in Blue, Red, Black


Two thickness available


1m x 1m x 2cm 

1m x 1m x 3cm



Jigsaw Mats


Available in Blue and Red reversible


1m x 1m x 4cm thick



  Leg Stretchers

Wheel Driven 


Manual Pull, Metal,  Blue colour 




Leather medicine BallS









Medicine BallS MORGAN-CLASSIC Inflatable rubber medicine balls, made from a durable, high density rubber, grippy rough surface for outdoor use. Can be bounced, thrown and used like a basketball. Comes with a packing box that shows different exercises.

Rubber Weight 5kg, $59

Rubber Weight 6kg, $65



Medicine BallS

Rubber Weight 5kg


Rubber Weight 6kg




  Re-breakable Boards


Light, Medium, Hard Strength,





  Re-breakable Boards


green is equals to  1" wooden board

blue 1 1/4" wooden board

brown 1 3/4" wooden board

black 2 1/4 wooden board

$79 each




Kettle Bell - Cast Iron 8kg,12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg

Cast Iron Kettle Bell

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