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Morgan V2 Aventus Nose Protector Head Guard
Morgan V2 Aventus Nose Protector Head Guard

Morgan V2 Aventus Nose Protector Head Guard

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  • The Morgan V2 Aventus nose protector head guard helps boost the athlete's confidence and removes or lowers the risk of injury when sparring. The nose bar features effectively protect your nose, chin, and temple region against the heaviest of blows. Hence, the nose bar protector provides safe and comfortable protection with Polymax EVA foam padding for maximal impact absorption. 

    It has a wide viewing angle that does not block your peripheral vision ensuring maximum safety and protection so you always see any punches or kicks coming. 

    This sparring nose protection head guard comes with a secure locking system and a hook and loop rear closure to keep it in place during fights. It is made from durable Phase 2 ATX Rexene and has an extended jaw protector to protect the jaw region. It also has a lacing top for a tight fit, and it is ideal for sparring.

    Morgan nose bar head guard is the ultimate in-ring helmet designed to give athletes peace of mind while they focus on winning. It's a great cushioning for hard hits during the most strenuous sparring session for any combat sport. 

    • Made from Phase 2 ATX Rexene 
    • Solid steel nose bar for protection
    • Velcro chin and a rear hook and loop straps
    • Extended jaw protector
    • Lace-up top for a tight fit
    • Ideal for sparring
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