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MAXI GUARD - Women Chest Protector
MAXI GUARD - Women Chest Protector

MAXI GUARD - Women Chest Protector

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  1. Select a Bra size
  2. Select a Protective Insert size

Insert sizes are not the same as your bra size.  Please use the size chart >

MaxiGuard protects your full chest area. Breasts, ribs, sternum are all covered with the flexible, yet strong (virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard held firmly in place by inserting into a pocket in the specially designed MaxiGuard bra/ cover made of premium four way stretch Tactel.  

We recommend purchasing a spare MaxiGuard top, so you've always got fresh gear to train or compete in. 

Why we built it

A hit to the breasts hurts! We know that, it also takes away confidence, and removes your focus while you recover. 

How it works

We developed the MaxiGuard to enhance the fit and comfort of our original EconoGuard design. MaxiGuard comprises an incredibly comfortable soft feel 4 way stretch bra with moisture wicking fabric. 

No additional sports bra or other clothing is required under your MaxiGuard.  The protective guard does not touch your skin and can be removed from the custom designed MaxiGuard bra while being worn.  It’s virtually undetectable under sporting uniforms.  You can insert and remove the protective guard as and when needed.

The protective guard is similar to the EconoGuard, the difference is that the guard is inserted into a bra/cover.

Suitable sports

When competing in Soccer, Fencing, Karate, Boxing, Hockey, Taekwondo, Cricket etc. In fact any sport where contact with another competitor or bat/ ball is possible. 

No heavy padding needed with MaxiGuard as the protector is a neat and ‘correct’ fit on the body. In fact, the MaxiGuard is almost undetectable under clothing.


  • Number 1 worldwide in Karate - The original and most trusted chest guard manufacturer on the market
  • Lightweight, flexible and strong plastic insert fits into specially designed pocket within bra
  • QP Sport are the original designer and creator of MaxiGuard, now the number one chest guard used in Karate. You can find copies but we know the fabric and sewing quality of these are poor, resulting in poor comfort and a shorter product lifespan.
  • Cool 'n' dry top cover made with moisture wicking Tactel®

Beware of copies of our MaxiGuard. Are they safe? Are they CE certified? How heavy are they? Watch for sharp edges, poor quality brittle plastic and low quality fabrics, elastic and stitching.

Approved by

  • CE Certified for use as a chest and breast protector - dont take the risk of using non certified copycat products
  • Endorsed by FIE, WKF, EKF AIBA and other sporting federations


See full size chart >

Fitting tips:

  • Measure under bust and around bust while wearing a good fitting regular bra.
  • If you don’t have measuring tape, use a piece of string, and then measure string with a ruler
  • Please use the chart to select sizes, QP Sport sizes may be different to your regular bras.
  • Final shaping of the guard can be necessary to obtain the best fit under the arms. The instruction book supplied with the MaxiGuard explains the method.

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